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I'm finding it's not easy..


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So, my name is William, but call me Billie.
I really hope it is alright for a boy to join here? Maybe.
My stats are horrible,
won[t post them now.
I've been struggling on and off with my ED for 2 years now.
My GW is 100.
Inspiration: My boyfriend.
How fucking horrible is that?
He isn't even 100 pounds, but then again he is taller.
I'm pretty short.
I'm craving food right now SO bad,
but I'm making a new rule for myself.
I'm not eating unless it is prepared for me, which is usually supper.
I'm a vegan, so whatever is there for dinner that I can eat and people make for me..I'll have.
It works good for me.
I'm busy enough with school, drama club, and friends.
I don't want this anymore.
I'd rather be dead at this point.
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